Digital Workorder - Mobile Enterprise Solution

BridgePoint Technologies has developed a Digital Workorder solution designed specifically for the mobile workforce. Digital Workorder is a mobile application that allows employees the ability to digitally capture their work, complete custom forms, take pictures, perform status updates and send it to the back office for recording and processing, making documenting off-site work virtually seamless, paperless, and worry-free.

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   Business Benefits

  • ? Reduce Data Capture Time
  • ? Eliminate Human Error on Data Entry
  • ? Go Paperless and Eco-friendly
  • ? Monitor and Manage Remote Work Force
  • ? Streamlines Work Processes
  • ? Reduce Employee Training Costs
  • ? Real-Time View of Work Status
  • ? Generate Documents in Real-Time

Solution Features

  • ? Supports Unlimited Work Orders
  • ? Capture Notes and Pictures
  • ? Digital Signatures
  • ? Work Disconnected from the Internet
  • ? Built-in Searching
  • ? Ease of Use
  • ? User Managed Content 
  • ? Create Work Orders without Programming

Technical Features

  • ? Supports iPad and Android Tablets
  • ? Administration Web Site
  • ? Built in Security and User Authentication
  • ? Real-time Data Synchronization
  • ? Remote Software Updates
  • ? Disaster Recovery



Have mobile work force responsible for performing inspections and work orders? BridgePoint's Digital Workorder has an out-of-the box solution to manage your processes and completely capture all findings, forms, pictures, and documentation electronically.

Would you like to see the Digital Workorder in action? Schedule a demo today by calling (630) 320-3725 and ask for John Gavilan.

Here's a high-level diagram of BridgePoint's Digital Workorder solution.