Laura Barker

Vice President & COO

Laura Barker As Vice President in charge of the Project Solutions practice, Laura is responsible for ensuring delivery and real world value to clients. As COO, Laura assists in defining the growth strategies for BridgePoint and ensuring the structure is in place to support it. Throughout her career, Laura earned MCSD status, wrote many articles, published a book, taught development and spoke at many national conferences on technology topics. Laura's focus shifted over the years to ensuring quality project management and solution delivery and subsequently earned her PMP certification. Laura sits on the board for the Chicago Chapter of the International Association for Microsoft Partners and is in charge of managing BridgePoint's Microsoft relationship. She is also a respected Member of Northern Illinois University’s Computer Science Alumni Council (CSAC). Laura graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and holds a CMI certificate from The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business.