Virtual Office

Whether your company has two or 200 employees, BridgePoint's Virtual Office enables communication with colleagues and seamless access your office files, email and shared documents from anywhere, at anytime, from any device that connects to the Internet.

Customers can use BridgePoint's Virtual Office for a monthly fee, eliminating the need for software or hardware installation and costly IT management.

Our Virtual Office offering includes all three services below:

Hosted Remote Desktop

  • Minimum 500GB Shared Disk Space
  • Microsoft Exchange Email
  • Outlook Client
  • Shared Contacts and Calendars
  • Microsoft® Office Suite

Fully Outsourced IT

  • No Need For On-Site Servers
  • No Need For Internal IT Staff
  • You Don't Have to Worry About Backups
  • No Need to Maintain Licenses

Help Desk

  • US-Based Help Desk
  • Available On-Site Support
  • Toll Free Access

BridgePoint’s Virtual Office Capabilities:
• Leverage older equipment such as terminals to save CAPEX cost
• Keep your intellectual property safe across multiple hardened enterprise data centers
• Disaster recovery is inherent to the service
• Automatic document backup in case of outages and hard drive crashes
• Eliminate the probability of stolen data and computer theft
• Add new staff member to your systems with just one phone call

For more information on BridgePoint's Virtual Office Solution, visit our Virtual Office Web Site.