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From your very first interaction with BridgePoint Technologies, you will recognize that we do business differently. Our staff of experienced recruiters will lead you through a proven employment process that will separate your candidacy from the rest. A Personal Recruiter will quickly qualify you for open positions, work closely with you to fine tune your resume and develop a strong professional brand which will allow you to stand out from the competition and attract the best career opportunities, offer you access to comprehensive skills assessments that differentiate you from the pack, then leverage our strong client relationships to help get you introduced, interviewed and hired by the decision makers quickly, all while keeping you informed through every step of the process.

So whether it's a 30 day to 12 months or longer project, or a permanent position, we at BridgePoint provide our candidates access to an array of cutting edge technologies and the leading organizations that hire the expertise that we supply.

Welcome to BridgePoint Technologies, we look forward to working with you.

Are you making a living doing what you enjoy?
As an IT professional, are you just starting your IT career? Returning to the IT workforce? Being transitioned out of your job?

Maybe you have a job but are you feeling insecure, unhappy, dissatisfied or under appreciated? Are you looking for a more challenging role because your current role does not allow you to realize your full potential? Or are you seeking a more fulfilling and perhaps more financially rewarding career?

Whatever your situation, you may need help in getting to the next stage of your professional career and BridgePoint Technologies realizes this and has a team of staffing professionals that can get you there. If you are committed to investing in yourself, a BridgePoint Technologies Recruiter can help you find a job where you can thrive and become the professional that every employer wants.

At BridgePoint Technologies You’re Always Informed
Our entire process is built around keeping you, the candidate informed through our proprietary Applicant Tracking System. This system eliminates the uncertainty of where you are in our hiring process by sending you detailed real-time status updates as you progress. This means that as a candidate, your Personal Recruiter will never keep you in the dark, and will keep you informed of exactly what is expected of you throughout the job fulfillment lifecycle from when we initially contact you to when you receive the job offer and after you are placed.

Assessments That Differentiate You From The Pack
All too often hiring managers see candidates with skills listed on a resume, but when technically screened they fall sort. To prevent this BridgePoint Technologies offers to all of its candidates the opportunity to utilize a comprehensive assessment tool that highlights your strengths in a variety of core technologies and their subsets. The assessments are online and can be taken anywhere there is an internet connection. Upon completion of your assessment a BridgePoint Technologies Recruiter will review the results with you in detail. This assessment combined with your resume will help eliminate any doubts a hiring manger might have and help prepare you for the interview process which will occur much faster all while increasing your chances of being offered the position.

Resume Consultation Service
BridgePoint Technologies knows its clients’ needs, you know your craft, combined we work together to create a custom resume that is focused on highlighting your core competencies as they relate to the job opening. The resume format that we use will also enhance credibility and leverages our strong placement history with our clients which mean your resume instantly goes to the top of the pile. Your Recruiter will target your resume to specific positions and industries creating the most attractive marketing material you need to land the right job. Submit your resume for a complimentary resume review.

New Applicants Welcome & Current “A” List Candidates
If you have worked with BridgePoint Technologies in the past then you’re already an "A" list candidate that is fully searchable in our Applicant Tracking System by all of our recruiters who are actively looking for opportunities that fit your qualifications. As an “A” list candidate, BridgePoint Technologies is always working for you!

If you’re new to BridgePoint Technologies, then we encourage you to join our network and have a Personal Recruiter work closely with you to better understand your skills and work requirements. To do this, take a look at our most popular open positions to the right, or click here to view all jobs and search for a job that meets your expertise and a Personal Recruiter will be in contact with you shortly.

BridgePoint Technologies will provide the challenges to keep you motivated and the incentives that allow you to focus on what's important. Your Personal Recruiter will help you develop a clear career path and roadmap for achieving your personal career goals. So if you're looking for a full-time job, or a contract project with real significance and duration, along with clients that will add value to your resume and offer excellent opportunities for growth, the join the BridgePoint Technologies team to see how we can deliver unparalleled opportunities to you.